Wearing: Recycled T-Straps

Today I am wearing one of my favorite pairs of shoes for fall. I wear them frequently with pants or skirts. Even though they are high heels they are so comfortable because...
... they used to be tap shoes! Since they were built to withstand kick lines I know they'll get me through a day at the office. Last winter I took off the taps then had them dyed and resoled. The transformation cost $50, but I think that's more than reasonable knowing how much I wear these bad boys when it's cold.
On a sentimental note, I love that I can incorporate something from my past into my current life. I took 10 years of dance lessons and tap was always my favorite. I was a member of the award winning audition tap company, the Precisionettes, and these t-straps were a big part of some great memories. I don't dance anymore, but I often notice myself absent-mindedly doing tap warm-ups when I'm bored.


Unknown said...

Love how you repurposed those old tap shoes!

No you need to help me repurpose the 100's of pointe shoes that I have floating around my house!

Allison said...

you could rock them, Margie style, with a classy pink and white christmas tree!

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