Decorating: My Bedroom

I finally have my bedroom arranged and decorated so I think it’s time to share it with my readers.

The vanity is my favorite piece of furniture in the room. I have wanted a vanity for quite some time. The hubby told me I could have one for my birthday (which isn’t until October) but I am quite impatient so I started shopping immediately. After an exhaustive search I realized I didn’t like anything on the market, new or used. All I wanted was a vanity that wasn’t black with a drawer base - not just a table with a lap drawer. After lots of searching I didn’t like anything I found. Then my mom said I could have her vanity. It had drawers, a light finish and interesting details. Bonus: I could pick it up immediately and I could have it for free. It doesn’t get any better than that. It had a bench that came with it but it was too wide to tuck into the vanity so I replaced it with a brown tweed storage cube. I love the idea of hidden storage and this piece of furniture hides our “go to Goodwill” pile.

Vanity Top

The main reason I wanted a vanity was to display my jewelry and get rid of my old Victorian style jewelry chest. My chunky necklaces hang from the jewelry branch and my small necklaces hang from the necklace board. I have projects in the works to store my rings and earrings but they’re not finished yet. I have always heard that it is better to store pearls laying down rather than hanging them – something about pearls are usually strung on silk, which could break if the strand is stressed – so I draped them across a necklace bust. Even if the pearls aren't actually strung on silk, I think it adds a bit of interest. Lastly I put a ceramic bowl on my vanity to hold my iphone fund. I can upgrade my phone in November and I think I will be better at saving if I can see the money piling up.


I don’t love my dresser, so I didn’t take any full photos of it. Someday I will replace it but the immediate goal is to save for a house down payment. Because of my love for owls I bought this lamp as soon as I saw it. It looked a little lonely on the dresser by itself so I grabbed an old bowl and threw some necklaces into it. Instant decoration!


As I have already explained here, the bed is simple, contemporary and big enough for ample wallowing. When we bought the bigger bed we upgraded to a down comforter and I love it! It's so fluffy and crisp, there is no going back for us!

Hubby’s Bedside

His nightstand is another piece from my old bedroom suite. In time it will be replaced, but it serves its purpose. Also, if you stand in the doorway of our room the bed blocks it from view and you hardly see it.

My Bedside

To avoid a symmetrical and overly matchy layout I chose to use mismatched nightstands. I repurposed the original vanity bench as a place to hold books, remotes and other bedtime necessities. The fabric had seen better days so I bought a pashmina to drape across it. This way if I ever decide to recover the bench, I can use the pashmina for something else. I put my items on the bench but they looked disorganized – not to mention they begged for my cats to knock them on the floor - so I corralled everything in a woven basket. I grabbed an old floor lamp from our office to use as a reading lamp and put a large photo in the void on the wall. The two bedside areas aren’t symmetrical but the items are similar in function, scale and height so it still feels balanced.


This chair was another piece that I instantly gravitated toward. I was milling around the Habitat Home Store with my mom, not really shopping for myself, and I spotted this chair. I don’t remember how much I paid for it, but I know it wasn’t much. Eventually I will have it recovered – pink tweed isn’t really my thing – but that’s not in the budget right now.

Closet Wall

This area speaks for itself. A laundry hamper is a necessary evil, and the wall above it was boring, so I hung some art.


VANITY vanity vintage / storage stool Target / necklace branch Urban Outfitters / ceramic bowl Crate & Barrel / vase gift / necklace bust Michael’s / necklace board DIY

DRESSER dresser piece from childhood bedroom suite / lamp Urban Outfitters / lampshade Target / glass bowl thrifted / bead necklaces thrifted

BED bed frame Rooms to Go / mattress Sealy / bedding Bed Bath & Beyond / sheer curtains Wal-Mart

HUBBY'S BEDSIDE nightstand piece from childhood bedroom suite / lamp Target / lampshade Target / photo frame Michael’s

MY BEDSIDE bench vintage / brown pashmina Target / photo frame Target / floor lamp Target / basket Target

CHAIR chair Habitat For Humanity Home Store / pillow Bed Bath & Beyond

LAUNDRY WALL linen hamper Bed Bath & Beyond / art DIY / frame Michael's

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Melissa said...

Lovely! I am so jealous of the owl lamp -- it is beyond adorable.

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