Remembering: Patrick Swayze

Patrick W. Swayze

There is a special place in my heart for Patrick Swayze movies. He was ruggedly handsome, masculine yet tender and a bad-boy that your mother would love anyway. And don't forget he could dance, sing and looked fabulous in drag.

I challenge you to find a girl that didn't want to go on family vacations in the mountains on the off chance the dance instructor looked like this*:
And who never got inspired to buy a pottery wheel?**

I can honestly say I have Ghost and Dirty Dancing memorized word for word. Sit me down with my old VHS tapes and I can't help but quote the whole movie. During my angsty teen years I couldn't get enough of The Outsiders. I thought Holden Caulfield was a whiny brat, but Johnny and Pony Boy were more my speed. What would they have done without Darrel looking out for them?

Although I have to say one of my favorite characters was Jim, motivational speaker turned creepster in Donnie Darko. Some speak of Road House as being his most defining role, but that movie never spoke to me like these others. What is for certain is that with Mr. Swayze's passing the world has lost a true legend.

*That is if hoky, family-oriented resorts still existed and had ballroom dance lessons.

**Sadly, hunky man and Righteous Brothers not included.

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