Living: High/Low

Dear Readers:

Normally I try to keep my content fun and impersonal - I don't want to bore you by talking about me and my life. However, this is not one of those posts.

Yesterday the hubby and I went to look at a house. It was the first house showing for us and I had nervous excitement - six year old on Christmas Eve excitement - all day at work and I could barely focus. We saw the house and it was adorable. Not our dream home, not our forever home, but something we could see ourselves calling "home." Even my reserved hubby was over the moon for this little house. We stopped by his parents house to talk strategy - do we like it enough to put in an offer? if so, how do we do that? are we really doing this? - all the typical questions flying around the minds of two maybe-first time home buyers.

Still giddy on the ride home we called our best friends. We had plans to get together but we got so wrapped up with the house we needed a rain check. In the middle of the conversation they dropped a bomb: they're moving... in 9 days. All I could say was a startled "oh!"

When I hung up I wasn't sure how to feel. I know no one talks about grief in this way, but I have to say I'm feeling it. It's like when you and your high school boyfriend part ways for college. You say "we can still see each other" and sometimes that works out. But more often than not you drift apart. You find new ways to fill your time, new people to tell your stories to. Sometimes your relationship evolves into being friends, even best friends, but you know things will never be the same. What I'm saying is if Hallmark made a "I'm sorry your best friend is moving away" card - and they totally should - I could use one right about now.

So that's my life right now. A wonderful, exciting leap forward along with a sad, staggering step back. Like I said, high and low.



Cydney said...

Congrats, again, on the possible house. I remember how exciting and scary it was! (hugs) I may be a weak replacement, but I'll be here. :)

Brettany Brown said...

i saw this and started to cry. i LOVE you and you have no idea how much i'm going to miss seeing you guys whenever i want...this is the hardest thing we've ever had to do.

*i also want to hear all about this house!

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