Making: Going Away Cookbook

Yesterday I wrote about my best friend moving away. Well, tonight is her impromptu going away party. Cydney and I wanted to give her a going away gift but we didn't want to give her something useless that would just take up space on the moving truck. Since my friend loves to bake Cydney had the idea of making her a blank cookbook for her cake recipes.

The book itself if the simple part: tiny binder + tiny page sleeves + blank index cards = cookbook. The adornment is where the genius comes in. Cydney, being the better seamstress, whipped together a book cover with green and white striped fabric. On the inside cover she whip stitched a short but sweet inscription. I took on the task of embroidering a cupcake with an orange fabric base and button icing. Without directly intending to, Cydney and I put our signature elements into this project: I frequently craft with buttons and Cydney loves anything orange.

Having only a few hours to put together a going away gift, Cydney and I did a great job, if I do say so myself. This proves it doesn't always take lots of time or money to make something meaningful and memorable.

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Melissa said...

Aw, that cupcake is beyond adorable! Hope the goodbye party is super-fun.

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