Watching: Amazing Proposals

These proposals are the stuff of dreams. Not likely to happen to the average girl, but it did for these two lucky ladies. The grooms-to-be put a lot of thought, effort and planning into these never-to-be forgotten moments.

I love the first one because the woman has no idea it's coming. This guy even manages to get down on one knee without raising suspicions.

The second one is a wee bit over the top and the bride immediately knows what's up. But would you expect anything less from a Disneyland proposal?

Both videos were found via Smitten.

I love this sort of thing as a spectator but I would hate it if that were me getting proposed to. You see, when I am the center of attention* I turn bright red and start sweating because I know all eyes are on me. It is particularly bad if the focus is on me when I'm not actually doing anything (wedding toasts, for example). I am terrible at acting amused and charming for more than 30 seconds. I learned this when the hubby wrote and played me a song for my birthday many years ago. He was looking at me lovingly and singing wonderful lyrics, but MY GOD, that was the most awkward 2 minutes of my life. I told him it was a sweet gesture, but please never do that again.

Anyway... My neuroses aside, those are darn cute proposals. I hope this brightens your morning!

*Oddly this doesn't happen when I am acting on stage. I only get nervous if I am 'playing myself' so to speak.

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