Moravian Cookies

Ok, I was going to start this post all "If you haven't tried these run, don't walk, to your nearest Dewey's and buy some NOW!" but then I realized Dewey's only has stores in NC so, there goes that.


I have finally eaten my way through the various treats I got in Christmas goody bags and I saved these for last. They are none other than Dewey's famous Moravian Cookies. This particular pack is Vanilla Walnut, but all of their flavors are delish.

The bakery is an extension of Old Salem, an historic Moravian community, and continues to bake traditional Moravian cakes, breads and cookies. This type of cookie is quite unique and I have never tasted anything like it from any other bakery.
They are thin and delicate, but not too crunchy, with a soft buttery flavor. It is difficult to describe them. Almost as difficult as it is to only eat one!

As I mentioned before, they don't have stores outside of NC, but you can always order the cookies or their other delicious desserts online in the comfort of your own pajamas.
Bon appetit!
P.S. - Happy Friday!

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