Baking: Course 1 - Cake 3

Here is our grand finale cake from Course 1. We prepared a chocolate cake with chocolate raspberry frosting, decorated with dots and 7 Wilton roses. Brettany and I both practiced making the roses, but hers were better so only one of mine ended up on the cake. But, to my credit, mine was the biggest so we put it in the center.

The class seemed to fly by, but I feel like I learned a lot. Course 2, also lasting a month, starts next week and we hit the ground running.


Rach H said...

Sounds yummy!

I wish I were around to eat your practice cakes!!

ocrismonxclovero said...

hey, denise wants to know how much and where to go for cake decorating class.

ps - they look awesome!

Mrs H said...

I take the classes at Michael's in Cary, but I'm sure every Michael's has these classes.

The regular cost is $45 per 4 week course, but some stores are offering courses for $22.50.

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