Making: Morgan + Andrew

Having just wrapped up my work for my step-sister's waterfront wedding I have already found another wedding to design for.

The bride is Morgan, a long-time friend of the hubby (and now a friend of mine). She is direct and practical (not at all a woo girl, which is why she and I get along so well) and her style is clean and somewhat classic. The groom is Andrew, they met in grad school and they are the perfect couple - funny, smart and always up for a night of board games. The wedding is going to be wonderful - intimate ceremony on a pier, having a friend officiate, minimal wedding party - they are focusing all of their attention on having a wonderful party with their friends. What better way to celebrate your love than to do what makes you happy?

Not only is this exciting because we know and love the couple, but I've been given somewhat of a promotion. For Chelsea's event I only helped her with the papergoods. This time around I will get to help with everything - papergoods, flowers, decorations and maybe even the wedding and grooms' cakes (with help from the fabulous Brettany, of course) - and I have taken to unofficially calling myself her stylist. If all this goes well the hubby is going to help me build a website so that hopefully I can get actual clients that aren't also my friends or relatives. It feels so wonderful that he believes in me and that someone might want to pay for my help and insight.

I'll leave you with some eye candy inspiration.

image found here


Rach H said...

How wonderful! It will be a beautiful event!

Allison said...

I can't wait!

morgtheborg9 said...

I officially declare you my wedding "stylist"/ Ms. Go To. ;) I'll get on top of things I promise once we slow down for the summer!

NikJames said...

Is this the Morgan & Andrew I met at your house for your birthday party? If so, please congratulate them for me. They're an awesome couple. Thanks for explaining the "Woo Girl" phenomenon.

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