Eating: Cookies, and Ice Cream, and Sprinkles - Oh My!

During the work week my lunchtime routine is my favorite part of the day. Cydney and I go for a walk to get our daily dose of Vitamin D, sometimes grabbing lunch along the way. We love to people watch and have sidewalk conversations (Cydney's never met a stranger) and pop into local businesses - Stitch, Revolver, Get Dressed For Less and Father and Son are a few of our favorites.

Today as we walked down Glenwood a sign caught my eye - "Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches." Being a true Southern girl, I love a good ice cream sandwich (or even a bad one... who am I to judge?) and the homemade varities are especially delicious. We kept walking, but the temptation proved too great on the way back and we gave in to our cravings.

The purveyor of the tasty treat was none other than the Cupcake Shoppe, one of my favorite stops along Glenwood South. The interior design is exactly what one would expect: cafe tables, glowing display cases and a perfect color pallette of pink, brown and white. If you haven't made a visit you are seriously missing out.

image by me

Speaking of missing out... go get one of these right now! The chocolate cookie was soft, chewy and slightly sticky. The ice cream was rich, creamy and firm. And the sprinkles - who doesn't love sprinkles? - added a touch of crunch and whimsy. A perfect treat for a summer afternoon!


NikJames said...

This is just mean. Not only am I pregnant and desperately desire ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles. But I'm also a million miles away. You're just cruel, I tell you, cruel.

Allison said...

sorry... i would mail one to you if i thought it wouldn't melt :)

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