Eating: Orange Slices

Orange slices are one of my favorite sweets.

When I was little, my summers and evenings after school were spent with Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw. They ran my daycare but they felt more like an extra set of grandparents. As their name implies, they were old-fashioned Southern disciplinarians. No babying, no coddling, no gold stars. When we were bad we were punished. When we were good, our reward was not being punished. Activities were simple: if weather was good, we all played outside; if weather was bad we played indoors together. We didn't watch tv and we didn't many have toys. We just used our imaginations and it was wonderful.

Paw-Paw had a sweet tooth and his favorite was orange slices. On the rare occasion when all of us had been good, he would share with us. Because I only got them as a reward, I still feel like I am being treated whenever I taste the gummy, saccharine goodness.

image by me
Who doesn't love orange slices? Have a sweet weekend!

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