Making: Wedding Programs / Going: South Outer Banks

Gimmeakiss has been silent recently and it's because I have spent all my free time working on the paper goods for my step-sister's waterfront wedding. Here are a few shots of the wedding programs. I have continued to use the tree motif, drawn by Kermit, which was inspired by a prominent tree at the ceremony site.

The best part about these programs is that they could easily be a DIY project for your wedding. I printed the paper portion of the fan using my home printer, finished the corners with a paper punch and glued it to a wooden fan handle. The ribbons were added by the bridesmaids - they were so sweet to help out!

In addition to having a wonderful time at the wedding, the hubby and I had a great time at the coast, which I captured in a few diptychs.

The hubby enjoying our new green and blue beach gear and getting serious with his fantasy football strategy magazine.

An old pier on the river at sunset, and a new pier on the sound just before a thunderstorm.

The sky over the ceremony site and an upside-down sky courtesy of a large puddle.

As you can see, I take far too many pictures of clouds and/or my hubby. But when your hubby is as handsome as mine, can you blame me?

All images by me. Click here for more.

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