Organizing: Bathroom

I was so pleased with the way I used antique/vintage pieces to organize my craft station I thought I would try it out in my bathroom. Since we're in a rental we can't do anything about the countertop or wall color, but I can at least jazz up what's sitting on the ugly countertop.

I already had most of the pieces, and a few were bought for this purpose. I pulled a thrifted milk glass goblet to hold q-tips, a milk glass juice glass for my make-up brushes and a crystal sugar bowl for bobby pins. I had already been using this milk glass candy dish for cotton balls, then I added a thrifted crystal jam jar to hold my daily vitamins and a silver clock - I am one of those people that always has to know what time it is, and therefore has at least one clock in every room. To tone down all the feminine, antique details I coralled my loose make-up and perfume on a sleek melamine tray from Target. This last image is my shower curtain, which I adore, also from Target.
The root idea behind this strategy actually came from a bridal magazine a few years ago. To paraphrase: " To make writing your thank you notes less of a chore, buy beautiful note cards and very nice pens then keep them in a pretty box. If you look forward to using them, then the task won't be so cumbersome." So i took their advice - it worked, by the way! - and realized within their helpful hint was my new life motto: never use an boring, functional storage piece when you can use something pretty yet functional instead. Lovely! As you can imagine, this principle can be applied to many areas of your home or office.

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caramelcreme said...

Love your clever repurposing of your milk glass! I have your same shower curtain - gotta love Target!

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