Buying: Vintage Goodies

I have been really into vintage shopping lately and I've found some real treasures!

This is a vintage candy dish I picked up at Consigning Design. I love milk glass and have a very small collection, but I tend to go for the non-traditional pieces. I love the tear-drop trim around the edges.

This is a top I picked up last week from Father and Son. It originally had a handkerchief collar and six too many darts... the bottom was very flouncy. So I took out the darts and removed the collar, then my friend Cydney helped me sew it back together. Thanks Cydney!

This is a cake carrier I bought on Etsy from RetroRubbish. I have lately been somewhat obsessed with the color aqua, so I just had to have this cute carrier and it's kitchy graphics.

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Rach H said...

Nice finds! I love the candy dish and the cake carrier. I'm so glad that it says cake so that we don't get confused!

Great top!

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