Vignette #1

As I was taking pictures around the house for some of my recent posts I decided to keep shooting away and capture some of my favorite vignettes for your viewing pleasure.

This set of frames is hanging on the angled wall by my front door. Much like the landing strip and the china cabinet, this area is impossible to photograph because you can't get far enough away from it to take a decent picture, so here is my best attempt. I think these frames are too important to not show.

On the left is an antique piece my great-aunt gave me as a wedding present. The drawing is a drafting exercises done my my Great Grandfather in 1922. He was trained as an engineer but the techniques are more similar to architectural drafting and rendering because back in 1922 most colleges didn't separate the two educations.

Here is a close up of the drawing. At the top you have two examples of a compass (used on drawings to indicate the direction of North) and on the bottom are some types of decorative borders that would be used to frame a drawing.

I absolutely love this piece and I am so thrilled my great-aunt gave it to me. I have an older cousin that's also an architect, but I guess I lucked out by getting married first!

On the right are a pair of photographs that I won in a charity auction to benefit Hurricane Katrina relief. I don't know the artist and as far as I know they don't qualify as 'fine art' but I love the style of the photography.

So that's just a quick peek at some of the art around my house. I hope to take more pictures as I get things hung on the walls. I love that our house is starting to get that lived-in, homey feeling!

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