Vacation Day 3 - The Salk Institute

When the hubby and I were planning out this vacation the first thing added to the itinerary was a trip up to the Salk Institute. Located in coastal La Jolla, the Salk Institute was designed in 1960 by the great Louis Kahn. I won't babble on about architecture or materiality - I will just let the pictures speak for themselves.

the famous shot - not very creative, but I couldn't not take it



love this - someone shows Kahn the love on an outdoor chalkboard

a few shots of the water feature

landscaping of choice - citrus trees

the hubby enjoying a concrete chair

the view looking back

This visit was definitely a pilgrimage for us. I'm not going to say this is the best building in the country but it is pretty high on the list. To just be in the space knowing Louis Kahn had stood where I stood almost 50 years ago is, well, magical.

Stay tuned for details from Morgan's wedding!

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