Media Cabinets

This post is so overdue. We bought and installed these babies over the Christmas/New Year holiday, but I'm finally posting them now. Because I suck.

As you can kind of see in my post about my book ledge, the wall beneath the ledge was big, blank and boring. Ugh. The second problem was that we had ZERO media storage and no floor space we wanted to devote to a free standing book shelf.

Enter the new media cabinets:

The TV stand is from Crate & Barrel (on sale!) and holds the cable box, the x-box 360 and a few odds and ends. The white wall cabinets are from IKEA and are the best things ever. The far right cabinet holds all of our Rock Band equipment, even the drum kit. The far left cabinet has all of our DVD's, for now. The plan is to buy an extra hard drive and upload them all to the computer and then put the disks on a spindle for archive storage. Hopefully this will give us back-up storage space for when le bebe arrive. We hear they come with a lot of stuff.

Also in the plan is extra seating and storage to go under the right cabinet - padded bench? some ottoman cubes? The goal is to have as much hidden storage as possible so we can easily stash blankets, toys, remotes, etc when guests pop by. But that will come later.

Again, I apologize for the terrible photo of this corner. There are windows directly opposite the tv so I feel like the room is always too dark to photograph or too bright to photograph. Herm.

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