My Husband Is An Internet Ninja

Last weekend I was having a MAJOR problem with the blog.

Picture it: I was in the zone. I was uploading vacation pictures and writing posts like a mad woman. This is why I love the 'schedule post' feature. I can write posts in batches, when I have the time to make them worth reading, and then schedule them to appear later in the week.

Only Blogger was in no mood to cooperate. As soon as I hit 'Publish' the post would appear on the blog, no matter what post date I had assigned. I was beyond frustrated and about to pull out my hair.

Enter my hubby to save the day. He grabbed the laptop and commenced googling. He googled my topic, which led him to a blogger forum, which led him to a message feed which contained the answer to my problem. All in about 5 minutes. That search would have taken me an hour. It's an odd skill to have, but he should totally put "Internet Ninja" on his resume.


Incidentally, if you are having the same problem and would like to know how to fix it follow these steps:
1) Click 'edit post'
2) Click 'post options' and set the appropriate date and time for your future post
3) Click 'save now'
4) Click 'return to lists of posts'
5) Click 'edit post' again
6) Click 'publish post'

Apparently the problem comes when Blogger gets hung up on the date on which you wrote and saved the original draft and posts your content then as opposed to following your posting instructions. By resaving and reposting this somehow refreshes things and gets you back to sanity.

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