Vacation Day 2 - Santa Fe

Keep in mind this post is about Santa Fe the bus stop not Santa Fe the city in New Mexico.

The hubby and I were making our way around town on the city bus when we got off at Santa Fe to change bus lines. First I spied this charming terminal sign. I can't explain why but I was very inspired by the way it was flanked by the towers with the beautiful sky in the background. Maybe all the blue, perhaps?

When I stopped drooling over the Santa Fe sign I turned around, spied the Copley Building and immediately nerded out over the board-formed concrete. The Copley Building is one of several locations of the Museum of Contemporary Art. We took a few minutes to walk through the museum but I couldn't take any pictures of the exhibits, obviously.

This type of concrete is one of my favorites in the vast palette of building materials. Just as yummy was the pairing of the rough concrete and the slick corrugated metal panel.

I would have grabbed a shot of the whole building for you but someone decided the best place for a dumpster was on the sidewalk in front of the building. Sigh.

Stay tuned for the Salk Institute!

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