Double Dipping

As you may or may not know I have the baby blog in addition to my design rants and inspirations here at gimmeakiss*. I fully remember my vow not to talk about babies much and stick to design based content.

Well, the time has come to begin designing our nursery, and that just happens to fall under the categories of 'design' and 'babies.'*

So, my point is that any nursery design content will be posted on both blogs. If you happen to be a reader of both, please disregard the duplicate content. I just thought it would make things easier for the folks that only read one or the other - they get the full nursery scoop without lots of blog hopping and cross-linking. I will try to make up for this by continuing to post awesome stuff to the individual blogs, but don't hold your breath. I do have a job, a life, a husband and a PERSON TO GROW.

My goal is to pick paint colors and set up a mood board over the weekend, so I'll be sure to share my progress.

*No, I don't think you're too stupid to grasp that concept without a visual aid. I'm just a nerd that really likes making diagrams.

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