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IT'S HERE! After weeks and weeks of waiting, my 'I and Love and You' deluxe edition* is finally in my hands! As I un-wrapped everything I took some quick photos to share with you guys.

The set is presented in a black canvas box, the size of a record sleeve. Here are details of the cover lettering and the record label.

As I open the case you can see the 2 CDs on the left and the packet of art on the right. The packet contained over 30 prints of original drawings,** photos and song lyrics. Tucked in the back is a bandana featuring the pattern from the inside cover.

Last, but certainly not least, I received an autographed print of the album cover art. I still can't believe I have this in my posession! This bad boy is definitely getting framed ASAP.

After my quick photo shoot (which earned me several strange looks from the hubby) I carefully boxed everything back up so I can prominently display it on my bookshelf.

Eventually I will frame some of the photos and drawings; when I do, I will show them off to you guys!

*The box set is no longer available, but you can buy the CD here.
**I am assuming the drawings were done by

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