Coveting: Headbands

Many of my favorite blogs are buzzing about the new headband collection from BAMBAKO. Apparently, since it's Hooray For Boobies month, BAMBAKO is donating profits from the new collection to breast cancer research. As one would expect, the new collection is very, very pink.

I will not be buying one for two reasons:
1) I don't like pink.
2) I have a huge beef with breast cancer being used as a marketing tool. But, I have no intention of offending people so I'm not going to put my rant out there.*

However, her not-pink, nothing-to-do-with cancer, non-donating headbands are just as fantastic, if not better. I really love her slender headbands in shades of blue, brown and gray. They have a wonderful quality of being lovingly assembled from materials gathered over time.

That being said, I also LOVE this one:
It's big, and chunky, and striped and I WANT IT!
On an unrelated note, my birthday is coming up.** If you were to buy a headband and just happened to accidentally order an extra I would be willing to give it a good home.
* Just so you don't think I'm a total bitch, it is a reasonable rant. I have told it to an actual breast cancer survivor and she agreed with me. See, I'm not a monster.
**Since my birthday is getting closer I may or may not start blogging about stuff I want and dropping not so subtle hints. Yes I am that annoying friend/co-worker/spouse that has a birthday countdown and likes to remind you of said countdown.

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You Are My Fave said...

I love the cute headband trend. I have an urge to buy every one I see until I remember how rarely I wear them. At least they're fun to look at.

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