Drinking: The Flying Saucer

I LOVE my boss.* Why? Because he buys me beer. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! Working downtown has many advantages, one of which is being across the street from a bar. And not just any bar. A bar with over 300 choices on the beer list. Yes you heard that right: 300 beers. I, of course, am talking about The Flying Saucer. If you're ever in Raleigh, you should stop by and have a cold one.

Since the weather was nice today, my boss decided we had better things to do than be cooped up in an office. We headed next door, camped out on the patio for a few hours and drank our lunch. To make good use of the massive beer list we ordered 3 flights of beer. A flight is 5 oz each of 5 different beers, the most awesome tasting menu ever put on a table.

We started with a flight of beers from the United Kingdom: 2 stouts and 3 ales. My favorite here was Smithwick's Irish Ale.

Next we created our own flight of Pumpkin and Oktoberfest selections in honor of the season. The best of this bunch was the Cottonwood Pumpkin Ale - very sweet and spicy, a valid substitute for pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving.

Last we created a flight of 5 hefe-weisens, because, well, my boss loves hefe-weisen. I had never tried this type of beer before, but I was a quick convert. They were all teriffic, but my favorite was Lost Coast Great White.

I love ordering flights because it's a great way for an uneducated beer drinker, like myself, to learn the subtleties and nuances of international flavors. I highly recommend it.
Lastly, I couldn't resist taking a quick shot of my empty glass. Is it wrong that I think beer foam residue can be beautiful?

*No not in that way. He's nice, but he's my boss. Get your head out of the gutter.


Cydney said...

Don't forget that Double Chocolate Stout, also a good dessert substitute!

morgtheborg9 said...

Oh my goodness! Lucky dog!! Yea the hefe-weisens are the best beer. Andrew's favorite by far and also a lot more popular in the Pac NW (i.e. Portland and Seattle). Also known as Weiss beir (in Germany) these are the best beers and you haven't had a beer until you have a Weiss in Germany (also known for its wines of course) You should make the hubby take you one of these days! ;)

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