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So, last week I was whining about my job situation, celebrating my newly gifted Kindle and trying to decide which cover to get for it.

INCREDIBLY DORKY SIDEBAR: When I set-up my Kindle I was prompted to name the device. I could have stuck with the default - Allison's Kindle - but I went out on the pun-covered limb and named it Kendall. Get it? Kindle, Kendall? Homonyms? Anything? [crickets]

After loads of research and thought reading other people's opinions on Facebook and Pinterest I decided to go with the Amazon cover, in kelly green. The hubby even sweetly offered to pay for it and let it be part most of my birthday gift.

Anywho, I did not want to spring for the non-free shipping so it won't get here for 5-9 days. Which means it likely won't arrive in time for our beach vacation. But since I fully intend to use Kendall all week, even with my toes in the sand, I needed to come up with an interim cover. If only I knew someone who likes to rummage through cabinets and drawers then craft with whatever she finds.


I bought this some time ago on Etsy. I mainly bought it because I fell in love with the fabric, but I justified the purchase by designating it my notebook for Weight Watchers stuff.

It has all these little pockets that were great for holding my points guide, my food journal and all the other crap you have to keep up with when dieting. Sadly for the folder thing I got pregnant right after it came in the mail and I had to quit Weight Watchers. Not sad for me, we were thrilled, but now I had no use for my lovely little fabric notebook. Until now...

It just so happens that the larger pockets are the EXACT SAME SIZE as my darling Kendall. OK, if I were being picky it would be a half inch taller but I'm not being picky. This project is meant to be quick and dirty and just a stand-in until Kendall's BFF Kelly gets here. You know, like kelly green? More crickets? Dammit! Nobody appreciates a good pun these days.

Just how did those two perfectly placed security loops get there, you ask? Sit tight, I'll show you. But before I go any further I should give credit where credit is due. This part was my husband's idea. I came up with a much less elegant solution, but he politely told me how dumb I was. Wait, he doesn't read this blog. Ignore that other part. This idea was mine, ALL MINE.

First I found 2 small hair elastics in my bathroom. And yes, it kills me that they aren't the same color. For the sake of my sanity, I'll focus on the pretty blue one that matches the fabric.

I lined it up with Kendall and pinned it in place, then I whip stitched over the metal connection to secure it.

I put Kendall back in place for a test-run but the elastic wasn't exactly providing a secure hold.

To reinforce things I also tacked down the 2 sides of the elastic. Bear in mind I am no seamstress. I can embroider my little heart out, but I don't have many skills in the fabric + thread = something that can survive a good washing department.

Luckily when Kendall is all snuggled in her cover my shoddy craftsmanship doesn't show. It even holds tightly enough that I can turn the cover upside down and she doesn't budge. I later realized, while editing my pictures, that it looks like I just rotated the right-side-up picture, but I promise it's hanging upside down in this one.

When the cover is closed you can see the elastics peeking out just a teensy bit, but that's a small price to pay for knowing my new toy isn't going anywhere.

As I mentioned earlier, this was intended to only serve in the interim until Kelly shows up. Luckily all my sewing was so basic a monkey could do it minimally invasive I can always take the stitches out and the folder will go back to normal. But now I'm thinking I might keep it around. I always like to have storage/organization options and I really like having a use for this little pouch again. Which means, of course, I'd have to name her. What do you think? I need names, people!

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