Where The F*@K Do The Towels Go?!?

I'm usually quite the Wordy Wendy* but it's late and I'm tired so this is going to be brief. Ish.
*Shut up. That's a saying.

It's hot. We've been swimming a lot so I stocked up on towels. I have nowhere to store them so they've been living in my laundry sorter. Not so hot.

I finally got fed up and decided to put them somewhere. Anywhere. The top shelf of the coat closet was available but not exactly user friendly. Probably why it was empty to start with, except for two lonely rain ponchos.

not pictured: tumbleweeds

But how can I add functionality without spending lots of time or money? When in doubt, raid the recycling bin. Diaper boxes to the rescue!

I won't give you play-by-play photos of the next few steps because they are crazy simple: cut flaps off box; put box on shelf; put stuff in box. Awesome, right?

I also put some over-the-door hooks on the linen closet to hang the towels while they're wet.

And while I was on an organizational hot streak, I added a hook on the wall to hang our ponchos.

I promise, as soon as I get a job I will try to stop raiding the trash for craft supplies. Really, I do.

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