Take The Good With The Bad

So, remember last week when I told you guys I was kicking ass all over the place? You know. Awesome portfolio, positive job interview, ARE pass letter #3.

Well, my portfolio is still awesome and I'm still 3 for 3 on my AREs, but I got passed over the job. Bummer, I know. Friends and family have being trying to cheer me up left and right, so I have already heard the following:
- Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
- At least you're getting more time at home with Luke.
- You'll find something even better.
- Well, you avoided a bitch of a commute.
If they aren't smart enough to hire you, then you'd probably not want to work there anyway.

All of those are cycling through my head in my own personal "No really, you don't suck" motivational mantra so if you want to make me feel better, at least get some fresh material. My misery needs your best one-liners.

But, I did say there was some good today, so let's talk about that. Hubby's grandmother
, who treats me so well I think of her as my grandmother, took pity on me and bought me a Kindle.* I was thinking about asking for one for my birthday - October 25 for those keeping track - but she got it early so I can take it to the beach next week and drown my sorrows in the sweet, sweet words of Tina Fey.
*For those that are curious, I picked out the Wi-Fi only model with special offers, i.e. advertisements. After moderate research I determined the 3G wouldn't be necessary for my lifestyle and that the ads really aren't annoying. In fact, some offer really good deals on Amazon and Kindle products, so it seems like a bonus to me.

Help me Tina Fey. You're my only hope.

I have already heard having a Kindle is going to be amazeballs, but it brings up my latest dilemma. WHICH COVER DO I GET?!? You would think still being jobless would be my latest dilemma, but no, it's all about the stuff.

-Integrated attachment clips, no elastic straps, assures a good fit
-Integrated book light that draws power from the Kindle (no need for batteries) and stows away when not in use

-More expensive
-Only available in 7 leather colors, no prints

-Less expensive
-Available in attractive fabrics, even customizable with fabric choice

-No integrated attachment, relies on 4 elastic corner loops
-Fabric will be less durable than leather

I posted my query on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and have gotten a resounding "GET THE AMAZON COVER!" but I wanted to poll this sector of the internet, too. I don't want buyer's remorse, so help me out!

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