Old Hooks Get A New Use

If you've spent even 5 minutes in the South during the summer then you know that swimming pools are ESSENTIAL. I don't have my own pool but my in-laws have a community pool in their neighborhood. Luckily for me their neighborhood is just down the road from our house and they JUST HAPPENED to leave their pool key at our house, um, all summer.

What with all our pool lounging we frequently have wet swimsuits laying about. I'm a hippy who likes to save water so I generally like to wear a swimsuit twice before I wash it. I also can't stand putting wet clothes in the laundry hamper so I have to dry them first. Sadly I don't have anything fancy to hang our swimsuits on. What's a girl to do?

Luckily for me, I'm kind of a genius. Remember these:

I had a few leftover after my closet re-do project and I thought they would be perfect for drying wet swimsuits.

I just hung them on my incredibly useless over-the-toilet towel bar. You see, we're casually-hang-your-towel-on-a-hook people so this towel bar has seen zero action since we moved in.

Have I mentioned how much I like free solutions? What do you think?

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