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You're probably tired of hearing about me making stuff out of trash, but guess what? I did it again. I guess it's just what happens when you're both bored and broke. Since you guys have to read what I post, or at least I don't know whether you're reading or not,* you're just going to have to deal with it.
*Google analytics, you say? I can't figure out how that works. That's voodoo magic.

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Tools:1- cutting mat
2- metal straight edge
3- paper trimmer
4- scissors
5- circle punch
6- corner rounder
7- pencil
8- x-acto knife
9- glue stick


1- 2 cheapo frames from the dollar store
2- gray card stock
3- check envelope paper

Wait, what? Check envelope paper? Allow me to explain. Remember how when you mail someone a check - you know those paper things that aren't money, but you can still use to buy stuff - and you put it in a special envelope that obscures the account numbers. The next time you come across one, pay attention, the patterns can be pretty interesting.

See? I told you it's cool. I loved this DIY by Melancholy Smile, and as soon as I decided to take inspiration from it copy it I started collecting bank envelopes. Why buy patterned paper when you get it free in the mail? This would also be a great way to get some extra mileage out of newspapers, magazines and wrapping paper.

True to my nature I diagrammed everything in AutoCAD to commit to a layout before I put blade to paper.


The one with the circles was super simple to make: choose paper, cut circles with a circle punch. DONE.

Because I can't help but pick favorites, here's a few of the patterns I like the best.

don't tell the others, but you're my favorites

The one with the squares was a tad more complicated. First I cut out 2" squares with my paper trimmer...

... then I finished each square with my corner rounder...

... and then I cut each square diagonally in half. I'm not sure why I decided to cut them in half, it just felt like the fun thing to do. For that matter, I don't really know why I do half the things I do.

My next task was to prep my card stock. I cut it down to 8 x 10 (to fit the frames) then lightly penciled in a grid to help me place my paper shapes. Luckily for me, the pencil came right off with an eraser when I was finished with it. But I made sure to draw it nice an neat in case I ended up being stuck with it.

I chose to use a glue stick because I wanted a glue that wouldn't wrinkle the paper. If I didn't put the piece behind glass I would want a stronger hold, but since the glass is there I didn't worry about it.

Aren't they pretty all framed up?

I'm thinking I'll put them on the mantle, which used to look like this:

but is now starting to look like this:

That big empty frame is the start of yet another DIY project that I've had in the back of my mind for a while. I have big plans, people. I'm well aware my mantle looks sligtly ugly right now. Everything will reveal itself in due time.

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MelancholySmile said...

I've always heard that security envelopes have great patterns, but didn't truly get it until I saw yours! They're awesome! Great job on the art work. I totally want to use a grid next time. :)

PS Google analytics IS voodoo magic. I've given up trying to figure that stuff out.

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