Happy Trails, To You!

I am a fan of all things trail related: maps... splendid views... time to let your mind go blank... an excuse to wear shorts and a bandana. I like everything except the actual hiking - that mess is hard work!

But the best part? The trail mix. I made a batch this morning and I'm having trouble staying away from it. This batch has peanuts, pistachio kernels, dark chocolate dusted almonds and assorted "fancy" nuts (almonds, pecans, cashews, etc), as well as craisins (the raisin's younger, more attractive sister) and plain and dark chocolate M&M's. I'm somewhat of a trail mix purist. I just a good blend of salty and sweet; no granola allowed.

Also, over the years I have figured out that mixing trail mix is a lot like stirring compost. You can try to stir it, but it's best to just put the lid on and give it a good tumble.

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