Combat Hospital

Have you guys been watching Combat Hospital? It starts out with a trauma surgeon, on her way to Afghanistan, who thinks she might be pregnant. Who doesn't love a good pregnancy scare? Also, it's like Grey's Anatomy, but with men in uniform. It's my new summer show.

Also also, the head of the Trauma Unit is played by an actor whose face looks like Christopher Meloni and Robert De Niro smooshed their faces together and made a third face.

Sorry. I do this obnoxious thing where, every time I watch tv or a movie, I always lean over to the person next to me and say stuff like "Hey, that's the guy from that movie;" "She played so-and-so's mother on that tv show;" "He really looks like that guy. You know, the one from the commercial." I'm like a human IMDB and I can't turn it off. I don't know why anyone is still friends with me. Really, I don't. And apparently I'm so obnoxious I even do it while blogging. Sheesh.

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