Good-Bye Straps, Hello Savings

The other day I just happened to be in Old Navy. What? I can't resist their clearance section. My favorite part is the damaged section. Sometimes an item is stained, ripped or otherwise ruined. Other times the so-called "damage" is a broken strap or a small shirt tagged as a medium. I can live with "damage" like that!

My most recent find was a sundress with a broken strap that had been condemned as damaged. So sad, right?

You won't find it so sad when you see this:

It's non-damaged sisters had just arrived on the sales floor and were priced at $40. It's not an unreasonable price, but it's a bit much for little old jobless me. The $20 version was much more my speed. I could have easily reattached the broken strap - they were only tacked on - but I decided to remove both straps since that seemed faster and easier.

After just a few minutes with my seam ripper, I had myself a half-price strapless sundress. This probably won't surprise anyone, but I am LOVING the gray and wine floral-but-not-too-feminine print.

Do you guys love to shop in the reject section? I can't be the only one.


Mom in High Heels said...

While I agree it is a great bargain ($40, for that? Really?), I cringe at the "broke strap" on the tag. BrokEN! BROKEN! Not, BROKE! Whew, I feel better getting that out.
So, where are you going to wear your cute (now strapless) little dress?

Allison said...

I know, the strap wasn't broken at all! It just needed to be reattached! But I'm not going to argue with 50% off, and now I have a dress to wear on date nights with the hub. Strapless dresses and sandals are screaming for margaritas and mexican food, don't you think?

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