Another Year, Another Fantasy Team

Don't get me wrong, I legitimately love playing fantasy football. But, just as much, I love that it gives me an excuse to make ridiculous stuff in Photoshop. Several years ago I helped create logos for all the teams of the hubby's very serious, very competitive league. This included my team the Bloomer Crickets.
Last year I played in a (mostly) ladies-only league, but I stuck with my original name and logo. This year I'm playing in a league that the hubby started with his work friends. For those keeping track he's playing in 2 leagues yet again. Since the other team owners are people that don't know me very well (or at all) he strongly suggested I retire my old team name and pick a new one. I was a little disappointed - that name still cracks me up for reasons even I don't understand - but I got over it when I realized I had the chance to come up with another name and logo.

The new team is named Bait 'N Tackle because, well, I love puns. My logo is a football player tackling a giant trout because I still love puns.

What do you think?

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