Going to Best Buy on Tax Free Weekend Will Test Your Faith in Humanity

Several weeks ago the hubby and I decided we should replace my aging, decrepit laptop with an iPad. First it was slated to be a birthday gift (meaning not until October) but when we remembered Tax Free Weekend was only a week away we decided I could get my present early.

Of course everyone else in the world was on the same page as me. Who DOESN'T want to fight crowds just for the chance to save 7%?

As soon as we arrived we discovered I would have to stand in line if I wanted my precious iPad. Yes, it's kind of lame but as someone who was worked in retail, more than once, I get it. It's not in anyone's best interests to flood the sales floor with a bunch of customers with not enough sales people to answer their questions. Better to pair each customer with a sales person to make sure everyone gets fast, efficient service.

Yeah, tell that to the jerk in line behind me.

He was complaining to his mother, very loudly, that this was crap. "I don't want the tour, I don't want the song and dance. I've already picked the damn thing out. I know what I want! I just want to go to the shelf, grab the box and pay for it." I wish I could says I was exaggerating for effect but he really did whine that much.

A woman with a clipboard came over and asked everyone what they planning to purchase, presumably to make sure we were in the right line. Everyone else just murmurred what they were getting but jerk wad started in again "I don't want the tour..." "Sir, your associate will take you right to the item." "I just want to go to the shelf, grab the box..." "Sir, there's nothing on the shelf. We get it out of inventory for you." Etcetera, etcetera. Then he starts complaining that this is a terrible way to treat customers and I'm thinking "You're a terrible way to treat people." After clipboard lady leaves he starts venting to his mother again, "This is ridiculous, I'm never shopping here again."

Sir, let me tell you a secret. When a difficult customers plays the "I'll take my business elsewhere" card the staff have to act disappointed because you're still a customer, but as soon as you leave they "Good! Glad I never have to see THAT asshole again."

When it was my turn I was a good little sheep. iPad. Yes, I want a case. No, I don't want an extra warranty. Done and done. The process was painless, and if the guy had just shut up long enough to look around he would have seen that.

Also, if you want to browse at your own pace and not be herded like cattle, DON'T SHOP ON A BUSY SALES DAY. Duh. If you want to save your hard-earned money you have to get in line with everyone else, but please be quiet about it.

[end of rant]

Did you shop during the Tax Free Weekend? Get anything good?

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