Are You Ready For Some (Fantasy) Football?

*If you didn't read that as sung by Hank Williams, Jr then there's just no hope for you.

I was talking about football over on my other blog, which did 2 things:
1) It gave me an excuse to post some pictures of my kid.

Whoops, there I go again.

2) It made me realize I have some football-related awesomeness to share with you guys.
pictured: awesomeness

That bug wearing boxer shorts is the mascot for my fantasy football team, Bloomer Crickets. For those of you not well-versed in ridiculous Southern slang, bloomer crickets is another way of saying crabs. The STD, not the kind you serve with butter. Don't ask me why that's my team name, but it makes me laugh and that's good enough for me.

I have played fantasy football in the past, but this year my best good friend Rachel and I started a women's only fantasy football league. We named it... wait for it... A League of Their Own. Awesome, right? We got 6 football loving ladies to join our league, but the hubby strongly felt the league would be more fun if we had 2 more teams. We were fresh out of actual women, so he suggested that he and Rachel's hubby join the league. But to keep with the women-only part, the guys would play on behalf of our female cats, Pop-Tart and Eureka.

That's right, I run a fantasy team AND shit in a box. What can you do?

Since he was officially playing as Pop-Tart, hubby wanted a cat-centric team name. And what hilrious team name did he come up with? Hans Cougar, an homage to Die Hard's famous villain. That's right, the family that puns together stays together. To hammer the point home I photoshopped Pop-Tart's face onto Hans' head, which is a sight that is equally awesome and terrifying.

Hans Cougar in the flesh fur

We have our league set for this year, but we hope to expand (and kick the boys out) in the future so if you are interested in playing next year let me know!

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