If Dog Is Man's Best Friend...

... then cats are those friends that REALLY can't take a hint that you need some space.

Most days I sit on the daybed in the playroom with my laptop. It lets Luke have supervised play time while also allowing me to do Carolina Pear projects, bloggy stuff, or general internet goofing off research. I research A LOT of stuff. Typically Pop-Tart lays at my feet and naps like a normal cat.

Other times she decides she has to be as close to me as is physically possible. You see that black mass at the bottom of the picture? That's Pop-Tart, laying across my wrist, making it darned impossible to move or do anything productive.

You know how most cats get pissed and run away if you even flinch near them? Not Pop-Tart. I wrestled my hand free to take a picture, but she's still holding down the fort. Here's another angle to illustrate just how persistent she is.

Luckily Yo-Yo likes to amuse himself by cramming into small boxes/bags and going to sleep, which is way more hilarious than irritating.

Are you pets clingy too? Dish the dirt!

1 comment:

Rach H said...

If by clingy, you mean sleeps on your pillow at night, then yes. Eureka doesn’t bother Ryan, but she loves to sleep as close to my face as possible!

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