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Even though our house is plenty big for the three of us, we don't have the biggest of kitchens. I do okay making the most of my cabinets and pantry, but I desperately need more counter space. I have been wanting to add some shelves over the trashcans for some time now and we finally took the plunge with these from Ikea. Yes, they're mounted assymetrically and, yes, it bothers me. They could be symmetrical if I was willing to cut the shelves shorter, but I wanted every last inch of space I would get. I just try not to dwell on it, otherwise I get all twitchy.

top: stand mixer, cookbooks :: middle: rag bucket, drying rack, green box, flour canister :: bottom: empty wine bottles, compost bin, bread box

I actually didn't help install these, but hubby said it was easy. My stand mixer, bread box, flour canister and grass drying rack moved from the counter tops and the compost bin came over from the kitchen cart that serves as a teeny, tiny island. Since I still had room to spare I added my cookbooks, previously living in the office, and a small bucket for dirty rags and dishtowels. Lastly I added a few decorative items and this green box (the one hanging out under the drying rack), which might be my new favorite thing in the kitchen.

It looks simple enough, right? It's just an empty shoebox (zero dollars) covered in green wrapping paper (zero dollars). I started out trying to add some height to the drying rack - it just looked so pitiful between the taller rag bucket and flour canister - and thought about a stack of books. Then I realized I could use a shoebox instead and snag some concealed storage. What do you think is hiding inside the green box?

A tool box! Of course most of our tools are out in the woodshed (I promise I'll take pictures of that someday, but it's ugly and not nearly organized enough yet.) but I like to keep a few things on hand in the house; safety glasses, hammer, multi-head screwdriver and some picture-hanging nails.

Last, but not least, I want to highlight my bookend. Well, it's not really a bookend, it's a brick. Anything heavy will do the trick and I am a nut for using non-bookends to prop up my books if it helps me inject some personality into a space. This particular brick came from Biloxi, MS - the same trip as when I looted, er found, this wood board that ended up being a wedding gift for the hub. I found a pile of bricks lying on an empty lot - the building probably got torn down after hurricane damage - and no one seemed to be using them for anything so I dug around until I found a mostly undamaged one. I'm a sucker for interesting building materials and this "ST JOE" stamped brick was too cool to pass up. I have a guess about why the brick says "ST JOE" but it's long and architecturally nerdy and would probably bore you to tears. If you have trouble falling asleep tonight, give me a call and I'll tell you all about it.

So, that's a wrap. You like?

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Alexa said...

If you paint the supports of your kitchen shelves to match the wall, they would blend in more and you might not notice quite so often that they're asymmetrically mounted. But, yeah, that would bug the crap out of me, too.

Way to go finding free craft supplies! Personally, I'm a big fan of curbside recycling and Freecycle.org.

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