What's one of the best things about being unemployed? You can make cupcakes on a Tuesday afternoon. Don't worry, I'm still looking for a job, I just like to point out the bright side. Silver linings, people.

Can I just say how much I love this cake stand. Love. It.

They're just yellow cake (from a box) and butter cream frosting (from a can) but they are very tasty. It doesn't matter whether or not I made them from scratch, my kitchen still smells amazing, i.e. like cake. You know how candle companies make candles that smell like pie or frosting? They're for fatties like me.


Also, how precious are these cupcake liners? I snagged them during a random trip to Michael's and they were $2 for 75 liners. Not too shabby for something as cute as that. Confession: the only reason I bought a cake mix on Monday was because I wanted to use the liners as soon as possible. But also, cupcakes = yum.

The bottom is even cuter.

That's what he said.

The cupcakes looked fine on their own, but I couldn't resist adding some sprinkles. Because apparently I am an overgrown eight-year-old.


P.S. Here's my secret for putting sprinkles on cookies or cupcakes. Hold the dessert over a bowl or dish, something slightly larger than what you're sprinkling - and shake the sprinkles onto the dessert.

The bowl catches all of the stray sprinkles so you don't A) waste sprinkles and B) make a huge mess. Then just pour them back into your sprinkle jar for later.

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