Yummy In My Tummy

We've been having some dreary weather lately and nasty weather makes me want chili. And, lucky lady that I am, my hubby found a way to make chili even better. He served it in a biscuit bowl. That's right, folks, a bowl made out of a biscuit!

Pay attention, this recipe is so easy and you're going to want to make it RIGHT NOW.

Step 1) Make biscuit dough, mush it around the bottom of a muffin pan and bake. We used Bisquick cheddar garlic, but you could go old school and make yours from scratch.

Step 2) Put your biscuit bowl inside a regular bowl to contain all the impending deliciousness.

Step 3) Fill with chili and top with sour cream, shredded cheese or your favorite chili toppings.

Step 4) Stuff your face. Then go back for seconds, I won't tell.
P.S. My nerdy little heart loves how my chili exactly matches my utensil crock. Why else do you think I included it in the picture?
P.P.S. If you want more precise recipe instructions, e-mail me (www dot gimmeakiss dot blog at gmail dot com) and I will send it your way!

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