A Little Something Sweet For Spring

I have a confession: when I'm home all day, i.e. unemployed, I get the urge to craft. A lot. The problem is I don't have any money to buy supplies, which makes me sad. When I'm sad I want to spend money, but I don't have any money, which makes me sadder. Vicious cycle, right?

Sooo, I raided my craft supplies and, searching for cheap and easy projects, I scoured the internet found this craft in my blog reader. Evie designed it as a bracelet, but I changed it to a brooch. I'm not a big bracelet wearer.

All I had to do was wrap some fabric - old Martha Stewart sheets - around some beads, trimmed it down to a rosette-ish shape and finished it with Fray-Check. You guys, I am seriously addicted to Fray-Check. I put it on EVERYTHING.

To turn it into a brooch I just stitched the fabric to a safety pin.

I have enjoyed wearing it as a brooch (obv) and as a way to fancy up a simple ponytail.

I have lots more of that fabric, a whole sheet set actually, so stay tuned for more floral sweetness.

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