I Can't Catch A Break

I try not to overwhelm you readers with my personal life. I know you're here for DIY craftiness and sarcastic rants. HOWEVER, it's about to get personal.

By now you're all well aware that I am unemployed and pathetic. Architecture isn't exactly recession-proof. Every time I feel like things are looking up, I just get knocked back down yet again. You've already read about my (seemingly) positive interview last month - only interviewed 2 candidates, referred by my cousin - that turned out to be a dud. But hey, on the bright side, it got me a Pity Kindle.
P.S. Kelly arrived in the mail this week. She and Kendall are BFFs already.

Jump to last Thursday afternoon: my old boss (2 lay offs ago) e-mailed me out of the blue to ask what my employment situation was. He said the firm is desperate to hire people and my name came up in a team meeting. I called him back IMMEDIATELY and he asked me to come in the next morning. I showed up on Friday wearing my most kick-ass interview outfit, portfolio in-hand. He barely flipped through my portfolio because "we already hired you once and we know we like you." Also, in addition to architecture, he was looking for someone that can take on some interiors work. I can TOTALLY do that. After a quick run-down of the projects they had on the table he offered me a job. On the spot. It was only a 3 month contract job, but he was optimistic they would extend it if the work was there. He had to run some numbers by his accountant but I could expect a formal job offer early the following week. I headed off for my beach vacation on cloud nine.

Meanwhile back at the ranch... ECONOMIC TURMOIL! Debt ceilings, and stock markets and national credit ratings, oh my!

It is now the following Friday and I still haven't heard anything. I call my neighbors who have been checking my mail; I haven't received anything from Supposedly Awesome Architecture Firm, LLC. I call my old boss "just to check in" and try not to sound too desperate as I leave him a voice mail. Two hours later I get an e-mail...

"I am sorry to communicate back to you so late in the week... Several things have occurred this week... I regret telling you to expect an offer... There is just too much volatility in the economy... I wish you success in you continued search for a position... blah blah blah"

So yeah, this isn't my week month year.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not mad at my old boss. At all. Our economy is turning to shit and there's nothing he can do to stop it. He's doing the best he can to protect the employees he's already got. But, guys, THIS BLOWS SO HARD. Also, after this many lay offs and almost-hires you would think I would be immune to it. But no, I still cry like a little bitch. Every. Single. Time.

So, uh, what's up with you?

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