[Insert Austin Powers joke here]

Why Austin Powers? Because I've lost my blogging mojo, that's why.

At least that's my excuse for my lack of blogging lately. I've been hard at the job search - had an interview today,actually - which seems to have sapped me of all my blog writing powers. Seriously, job searching is the pits. The hubby and I actually just over-hauled our junk storage facility office and turned it into a guest room and play room for my newly mobile toddler. Sadly, I can't work up the energy to photograph and write about it. Maybe this weekend, because let's face it, I got to organize and label things and I want someone to know about it.

Also, to fill my time (and make a little cash) I've been doing some freelance design work for a local restaurant. Mostly menu design for now, but I've been told there are other projects coming down the pipeline.

Funny story: last weekend the restaurant's electrical meter caught fire, causing a power outage, and the restaurant had to close and they lost $20,000 in business and product. OK, ok, I know that's not funny. At all. I'm getting to the funny part. After the fire my (conservative) father-in-law proclaimed me a jinx and ordered me to go get a job in Washington, DC. Heh.

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