Little Black (MOH) Dress

You guys remember Rachel? Not only am I in charge of designing her invitations, I have the pleasure of being her Matron of Honor.* Instead of picking out boring old bridesmaids dresses each bridesmaid gets to pick out a black, knee-length dress. Yes. Any dress I want as long as it's black, knee-length and not strapless. OK when I write it that way, it sounds a bit picky but it really was awesome.

I know every bride tells you "you can totally where this again!" but I really will wear this again.

It's an adorable little dress from Old Navy, with an adorable little $35 price tag. Can't beat a $35 bridesmaid dress, right? Between the ruffles, deep v-neck and eyelet fabric I can see myself wearing this to brunch, parties or even work - if I ever get another job.

Do you want to see the best part?

That's right ladies, I can fit into a medium! Granted, it's Old Navy so their sizes are all over the place, BUT it's a medium and I don't care.
To tie all the dresses together, all the bridesmaids are going to wear the same shoes - yellow patent pumps.

These I will absolutely wear again. I love me a pair of slutty shoes.

*Can I just say how much I hate the term "Matron of Honor?" I know it's because I'm a married lady, but matron just sounds SO EFFING OLD.

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