What A Crock!

Once I moved some of my kitchen gadgets and claimed some new counterspace, I finally had the space for a second utensil crock. I'm not a big fan of cramming 20 spoons into one crock; they don't really fit and they get all tangled. Who wants that?

I went to the store to buy the crock, when I found myself in a dilemma: do I save money and buy the simple ceramic crock or do I buy one of the fancy stainless steel utensil caddies. It's amazing how many options you have for organizing your spoons and spatulas. You can get a caddy that spins, a caddy that pivots, a divided caddy and a caddy with a built-in spoonrest. Seriously. This will hardly surprise you, but I decided to buy the cheap one and do some quick and dirty DIY to make it work better for me.

I grabbed some scrap cardboard out of the recycling bin - diaper box, maybe? - and cut two rectangles to fit inside the crock and cut a slit in each.
Then I inserted one into the other, to form an X, then put the X into the crock to divide it into 4 smaller cubbies.

Is it pretty? No. But it gets the job done and you can't see the cardboard unless you look down into the crock.

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