Pardon Me While I Whine


There, now I feel better.
*No, it's not wrong to exploit my crying baby for my personal gain. I needed a funny picture, dammit, and he was already crying. Oh, stop calling social services. This picture was taken when he was 3 weeks old. Otherwise known as the time when ALL HE DID WAS CRY.

I have to apologize for my light posting. On top of studying like crazy - test #2 is on March 1 - I've also been trying to wrap up Rachel's invitation suite and squeeze in a last minute invitation for our first official (yay!) Carolina Pear bride. Oh, and take care of a 7 month old. No biggie.

The actual work hasn't been kicking my butt all that much. I even have time to watch a little tv. Is it just me, or is The Office back to its original levels of awesome this season? What I don't have time for is blogging. Ugh. On the rare occasion I have time to do something creative, it is almost always at night and I don't have the luxury of good lighting to photograph it. I do have a few posts floating around in my head, but they won't make their way onto the internet until March. But when they do - watch out! - they will happen all at once. Because I'm a terrible, impatient blogger incapable of pacing posts or saving ANYTHING for a future blogging drought.

So yeah, it's either feast or famine with me. Sorry 'bout that.

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