Nursery Art: Part 6 - Memories

Here we are, with the last of the art posts. But this post is about more than just art - I am featuring items that have some history to them beyond their short time in our new nursery. Many of these things are handmade and they all tug at my heartstrings in one way or another.

First up is an art pairing I have hung over my nursing chair. The painting on the left is something I made for the hubby as a birthday gift last year. I thought the sentiment was perfect for the moment you meet, and immediately love, a newborn. The hubby agreed so he didn't mind me borrowing his painting.

The frame on the right is a cross-stitched picture of Dumbo that my aunt made for my nursery many years ago. My mom dug it out of her attic and I love that I can give it a second life in the Peanut's room.

Next up are a few things on or near the bookshelf.

I'm sure our baby will receive many books in his or her childhood, but I couldn't resist getting things started with some old books of my own. And you see that fluffy white bear sitting on top? That was a shower gift from my mother-in-law and, although that bear is brand new, it is exactly like the bear the hubby had as a baby. In fact, he loved it so much he wore out his first one and had to have a replacement bear. I love that we are already passing down traditions from both sides of our family!

Next up is a cross-stitch sampler that my Mom had framed for me. A friend made it for her, originally as a pillow, and it held a place of honor in my own nursery for many years. The pillow was getting old and tired, but putting the best part behind glass is a great way to protect it for many more years to come.

Lastly, I have to show you this little rocking horse. I don't remember where it was stashed or when I found it, but I rediscovered this music box and tucked into a closet for when I have a nursery "someday."

Well, that someday is here and so I un-boxed it and gave it a place of honor in Peanut's room. As you may have guessed, this was also in my nursery as a baby and I have many fond memories of winding it up and listening to its little tune. The music part doesn't work as well as it used to, but the colors match the room perfectly. It's too old and delicate for little hands, but someday when Peanut is older I will show him or her how it works.

As I was putting my vintage treasure on the shelf, it occurred to me that this nursery is like a wedding.

We have something old,

something new,

something borrowed

and something blue (well, lots of blue somethings, actually).

To me it makes perfect sense. The wedding tradition represents the fact that the big day isn't just about the bride - it's about her family, her history and all the little things coming together. Why should a nursery be any different?

For the most part the nursery is finished. Now all it needs is a baby, which will be here before I know it!

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