I Fooled You All

I may have thrown you off with Monday's pre-scheduled magnet post, but I actually spent my weekend having a baby! I won't bore you with the details (for that, go hang out at the Peanut Stand) but everyone is back at home, happy and healthy.

However, I am a new mom so I'm going to post some pictures from his first few days. New moms are required to do these things.

me and Luke - I think all new moms are required to make that 'happy yet stunned' face at least once in pictures

Luke snuggling with his granddad
Pop-Tart, meet Luke. Luke, meet Pop-Tart.

Luke and Daddy getting a nap

1 comment:

PonderandStitch said...

OMG! Congratulations- what a perfect little man he is... so adorable!

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