Remembering: Holiday Favorites

I saw this fun survey over on my good friend's blog, and thought I would post it here. Also, because I have been overwhelmed with unpacking and holiday shopping I thought this would be an easy post. Enjoy!

Favorite Holiday Cookie: sugar cookies, using my great-grandmother's secret recipe.

Favorite Winter Breakfast: I'm not a big breakfast eater, but when the mood hits me I love homemade biscuits with apple butter.

Favorite Winter Meal: Pierogi, a traditional slovak dish. The hubby's maternal grandfather is of Czech descent so this is also a family recipe. It is a treat because it takes days to make and we only have it once a year.

Favorite Seasonal Winter Veggie: sweet potatoes, any way you cook them

Favorite Seasonal Winter Fruit: fresh NC apples

Favorite Seasonal Dessert: eggnog milkshakes

Favorite Holiday Memory: at the church I grew up in, they hold a midnight service every Christmas Eve. At the close of the service everyone lights their candle, the lights are dimmed and we all sing 'Silent Night' by candle light. Magic.

Your Goal this Season: to give consumable gifts, meaning the gift has to be eaten, experienced or used, not just stuff to sit on a shelf.

Favorite Holiday Song: 'White Christmas' by Bing Crosby

Favorite Holiday Movie: I love all Christmas movies but 'White Christmas' and 'Love Actually' are tied for first.

Looking Forward to this Holiday: I am excited about spending our first Christmas in our new house where we can finally get a real tree, hang stockings on the mantle and put a wreath on the front door.

Favorite Holiday Book/Story: 'The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree' by Barbara Cooney. It is the story of a girl and her mother, going through hard financial times, making themselves the perfect Appalachian Christmas.

If you fill out this survey on your own blog, please comment below with a link so I can read yours too! Let's get to know one another a little better this holiday season.

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Rach H said...

I love all of your answers. I think that I could ditto you on most of those!

I will get around to this and post back when mine is complete!

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