Making: A Difference

Nothing makes me sadder than the thought of a cat or dog in need of a home. I just read over on Hamburger's House (a doggy spin-off of the always great Young House Love) that a grayhound racetrack in Wisconsin is closing and no longer has a use for its beautiful racing dogs. If the dogs aren't adopted they will be put down! For the full post click here. Please pass this on to anyone and everyone you know who might want a rescue dog or wouldn't mind spreading the word.

Every dog spared is a step in the right direction. Help get these pups a home for the holidays!


Rach H said...

They are beautiful and it breaks my heart that they might get put down.

I wish I had a home with a big yard that they could play in!

I'll pass this along...

Anonymous said...

Oh how cute. I completely agree, it breaks my heart to see dogs and cats without a home. Adopting a new little buddy id the best thing you could do! I wish I could take them all in!

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