Buying: Merry Christmas To Me!

I just bought myself an early Christmas gift. It's guaranteed to put a smile on my face for months, no years, to come!

Last night I popped into Holly Aiken's shop, Stitch, and I ordered myself a custom diaper bag.

sinking in...

That's right readers, I'm pregnant, expecting, knocked up, eating for two! Any way you spell it, there's serious excitement in my household!

Now before you go clicking 'unsubscribe' let me assure you this will not turn into a baby blog. I will still talk about movies, art, crafting and DIY projects. The only time babies will come up will be baby related craft projects - birth announcements, nursery decorating, maternity refashions, etc. I will most likely start a baby blog so that friends, family and new blog friends can keep up with my latest cravings and ultrasound photos. But rest assured, that content will not find its way here.

So, anyway, back to the diaper bag. I have been a fan of Holly Aiken's work for several years and I have several pieces from her collection already (5 to be exact. I'm not obsessing). She is a NCSU grad, like yours truly, and all her pieces are handmade in her shop in Raleigh, NC. Her bags are great because they have a decidedly retro styling but they are made from heavy duty materials so they can take a serious beating - and since I'm not the type to gal to change handbags every day, I need a sturdy one. All this makes for a perfect diaper bag. Also, I have always known I didn't want a fussy, girly diaper bag because a) I want to be able to carry it for multiple kids, boy or girl and b) the hubby is going to have to carry it too.* Also, once I no longer need a diaper bag, it can easily pass for a kick-ass messenger bag.

So by now I'm sure you're dying to hear what I picked out (and if not, just play along, ok?). I picked the Airship Messenger Bag as my body style and Dove in gunmetal / aqua as my color scheme. I think it's cute enough for a baby accessory but not too cute for the real world.

What do you think? YAY for babies! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. But enough about me. Are there any local or regional businesses you think are worth sharing? Do tell!

*I always feel so bad when I see a dad carrying a pink, quilted Vera Bradley. Come on ladies - gender neutral bags for dads!

UPDATE: I did start a baby blog, and you can read it here.


Cydney said...

Love the color combination! Congrats, again!

Kelsey Bassett said...

Umm... YAY!! LOVE IT!!!

sgjarret said...

Double yay's for the baby and the bag! I have to park towards Glenwood when I go to Raleigh Times to avoid walking past her store and drooling over the merchandise in the window!

Diaperbag said...

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