Living: 10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Inspired by John and Sherry's recent post I wanted to do a little write-up of yours truly. So without further ado, I present:

10 Things You (probably) Don't Know About Me

1. I have a good ear for mimicking accents and voices. The hubby jokes that he first asked me out because I can talk like Chris from Family Guy.

2. I have a hairline crack in one of my front teeth from face planting on the blacktop in elementary school.

3. I have a knack for movie and TV trivia. I hate to brag, but I kick butt at Friends Scene-It.

4. My underwear drawer is divided into 5 sections, each with its own purpose and folding style:
---Briefs [laying flat] - daily wear
---Boxer Briefs [square fold] - to wear under skirts
---Old Briefs [square fold] - just for Aunt Flo
---Thongs [too damn small to fold] - because some outfits require them
---String-Side Bikinis [rolled] - back-up undies... I don't like them but there's nothing wrong with them so I refuse to throw them out.

I'm fairly certain this means I'm crazy.

5. I knew I wanted to be an architect when I was 10. I confirmed this on my 8th grade class trip to Washington DC. All my friends took pictures of themselves but I took pictures of columns, skylights and friezes. Yes, I've been a nerd a very long time.

6. I am very particular about organization (see #4). I have been known to rearrange the dishes in the dishwasher if they're not stacked the 'right' way. I know, they don't get any cleaner my way, but I can't help it.

7. I am terrified of medical needles (IVs, shots, etc) but tattoo and piercing needles don't bother me in the slightest. I know this because I once fainted because of an IV but I was cool as a cucumber when I got my piercings.

Proof: I used to have an eyebrow ring. Don't laugh at my hair, it was halloween.

8. I have a mild blood clotting disorder. It has never, ever had any effect on my life but it means I'm not allowed to give blood.

9. One of my strengths (and one of my flaws) is that I plan everything before I need to. I'm not pregnant, but I've had baby names picked out for years. I decide what I want to buy before I have the money saved up. We haven't even closed on our house, but I've already bought furniture for it and I know what colors to paint it when we move in. You get the idea.

10. I am a terrible multi-tasker, and not in a good way. I normally have 2-5 craft projects going at any given time. This is hardly productive but I always get distracted while I'm in the middle of working. Most things get finished, but there are 1 or 2 projects that have hung around for years, just like that scarf I started knitting in January of 2004 that's sitting in the bottom of my closet.

So did anything surprise you? Anything you're dying to know about that I didn't mention?

NOTE: I wrote this post many weeks ago, and I've been saving it for a slow blog day. I just realized that some of my statements are incorrect. We've already closed on the house and already got it painted. But the idea is still the same. Carry on.

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